Goal Setting for Musicians: Writing down your goals!

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The key to rapid learning and reaping the rewards of quality progress for musicians is to set “Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Goals”.

The next most important step is to write these goals down. If you do this then you will enact them and get into the habit of enacting them with greater and greater clarity. It will also instill a natural discipline, inspirational outpouring and perseverance.

These are the books that I use, but any creative goal setting book will do because the days weeks and month are already laid out for you, all you have to do is fill it in with your objectives.

Goal setting for Musicians
Goal setting for Musicians

If you follow this then you will rise through the levels. Talent only takes you so far. For musical development discipline and hard work account for everything. Goal setting will take you there on pleasant terms and give you back that which you craved for at the outset.

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