John Mclaughlin “QUICK” Lick #1

Today we will take a look at a John Mclaughlin jazz fusion acoustic guitar lick in the style of the “Belo Herozonte” C.D/LP.

It consists of a “Pentatonic scale” and an “Arpeggio” fingering.

John Mclaughlin Quick Lick #1

alternate picking John Mclaughlin guitar lesson
“Belo Herozonte” John Mclaughlin style guitar lick #1

Notice the 2 finger Pentatonic ascending shape and the Arpeggio Descending shape

Shakti John Mclaughlin guitar lick lesson
“Pentatonic” 2 finger guitar shape and “Arpeggio” shape

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Alternate Picking John Mclaughlin acoustic guitar exercise

This exercise is another simple John Mclaughlin [Shakti] right hand guitar exercise employing alternate picking with the plectrum moving “down” and “up” in a strict alternating manner.

This is a short simple exercise but is really good for getting ideas in how to extend alternate picking patterns for longer lines:This happens when you become aware of the rhythmic pulse of the exercise and the left hand fingering of the fretting hand.

Start with a “down” stroke but be aware of your “Up” stroke because this will propel the lick forward rhythmically.

John Mclaughlin alternate picking lick
“Shakti” alternate picking guitar line

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