Jazz II V I Improvisation Book Review.

This is a very useful book if you are “New’ to jazz improvisation. It covers all of the needs of the beginner as it starts with the classic II V I cadence. It then progresses through the II V I with various altered dominants, different scale choices and chromatic embellishments. There is also a written harmonic explanation for each variation.

The other half of the book goes through modes, scales, chords, arpeggios, triad pairs and all of the essential music theory and explanations for quality jazz practice. This also helps the reader to make sense of the harmonic alterations,scale choices and substitutions commonly found in the world of jazz improvisation and apply them.

The book is available in AMAZON CLICK

TOTAL II V I JAZZ PUZZLE: Improvisation Guitar Practice & Theory
TOTAL II V I JAZZ PUZZLE: Improvisation Guitar Practice & Theory

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