Neapolitan 6ths and Augmented French, Italian and German 6th Chords

The “Neapolitan 6th” chord is a 1st inversion of the supertonic [chord two] triad but with the  root and fifth lowered a half step. Neapolitan 6th chord lesson example

In modern terms we could think of it as a flattened second chord 1st inversion. Below is a more popular common approach.

Neapolitan 6th chord  modern

Minor Key example:

[In this case only the root is lowered as the C minor key signature already has the Ab in the key signature]

Neapolitan 6th chord minor key


French Sixth Italian Sixth German Sixth Augmented 6th Chords

These chords can occur on the flattened submediant [flattened chord 6] of the major scale or the normal submediant [chord 6] of the minor scale.


French sixth chord augmented 6th explanation


Italian sixth chord augmented 6th


German 6th augmented chord explanation lesson

9ths 11ths and 13ths harmony:

9th 11th and 13th chords explained music theory

One last idea using the 7th chord as a Diminished chord followed by the dominant 7th 1st inversion to C the Tonic chord.

Diminished 7th chords for cadences

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