Fretboard Harmony: Harmonising the Dorian Mode

Harmonising the Dorian Mode video: Please watch for explanation:

In the exercises below you will see how to make the dorian mode sound “Jazzy”. We do this by harmonising the scale [Mode] in chords made of 4ths.

Not all are perfect 4ths though as you will see in the example below:


Here is the Dorian mode harmonised in 4ths. This use of 4ths creates what is known as quartal harmony.


Dorian Mode Harmonised in chordsC DORIAN MODE BROKEN UP INTO 4THS

Dorian mode chord scale 4ths outlineC DORIAN MODE “CHORDAL PICKING” IN 4THS

Dorian Mode fretboard harmony scale chordFor more on the dorian mode, quartal harmony and modal jazz in general take a listen to the great Jazz pianist Mcoy Tyner.



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