Bathed in Lightning! By Colin Harper: Book Review

For any John Mclaughlin guitar fans this is a must read book!

Ironically, there is not a lot written about Jazz/Fusion guitar legend John Mclaughlin so it’s refreshing to get a great wedge of a book to digest that encapsulates new and intriguing info.

Anyone with an interest in the gritty reality of 60’s London will find this book an immensely enjoyable read!


On a separate note: Looking back at London Music haunts today and Yesteryear!

Denmark Street London: Hanks Guitars [What used to be Andy’s guitar workshop]


Hanks guitars london denmark street

Denmark Street London: What used to be Hanks!

London Denmark Street music shops
LONDON, UK – JULY 9, 2016: People visit musical instruments shops at Denmark Street, London. Denmark Street is notable for its sheet music stores, musical instruments shops and studios.

Charing Cross Road: The Famous Macari’s Musical instruments. This shop has been going steady for years and will hopefully keep going steady for years to come!

macaris-charing-cross-road-guitars and musical instruments shop

Charing Cross Road: The original shop. Macari’s Musical Exchange. Opened 1958. Want an amp fixed Joe and Larry can do it!

Macari's musical instruments and exchange original shop

What was “Selmer” where John Mclaughlin worked. It became the Turn Key Shop a hugely successful musical instruments and technology retailer until 2007/2008 when “Shockingly” it closed it’s doors.

Selmer where  guitarist John Mclaughlin worked

The Turnkey shop: s h u t! Hard to believe at the time, it was always such a successful business with two full page sales spreads in the monthly music technology magazines. I spent a few quid in there, I can tell you!

Turnkey Shop Shut and closed after many successful years

The Flamingo Club: Wardour Street Soho London: It’s now O’Neill’s pub.

The Flamingo Club where John Mclaughlin played

Ronnie Scott’s  47 Frith St, Soho, London. The old place was situated at 39 Gerrard Street

Ronnie Scott's  47 Frith St, Soho, London.

Ah,Remember the good ‘ole days?

The Flamingo Club Soho Wardour street

Back to the book about the 60’s Music Scene!

A truly great book that delves into the 60’s London music scene and sheds light on all the different characters of the day interwoven in a fascinating tapestry with guitarist supremo Jonny Mclaughlin as the main protagonist extraordinaire!


by COLIN HARPER £14.95


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